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  • Richard ‘Bucky’ Szulborski - Former Bethlehem City Councilman and Northampton County Controller
    “I am endorsing Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of Bethlehem because he has the knowledge of what is needed in City Hall and the commitment to the future of Bethlehem. He understands the issues and takes the time to listen to all sides before making a decision. Dana is a man of honesty and integrity.”


  • Tom Mohr - Former Bethlehem City Councilman
    “I chose to run for City Council in 1989 and after my election to that office I met Mr. Grubb who was working within the Department of Community and Economic Development. Over the next 6 years I worked extensively with Mr. Grubb as he advanced within that department and City Administration. I found him to be personable, professional and knowledgeable. He was admired by his peers and subordinates and was exceedingly dedicated to the well being of the City and its citizens, traits that are present yet today. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of Bethlehem.!”


  • Dianne Bachmann - Retired Public Works Department Business Manager
     “Dana always had a great work ethic with wonderful compassion for people and the residents of Bethlehem.”


  • Jeffrey Fritz - Retired City of Bethlehem Utility Superintendent 
     “It is a great pleasure to say that I endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of Bethlehem. I have known Dana for many years through work and personal friendship and I’ve always found him to have the best interest at heart for the City and its residents. His sense of community is noteworthy through his passion for his work when he worked for the City and his continued love for it today. He will bring the City of Bethlehem an atmosphere of cohesiveness and trust among its employees with an administration that will have the best interest for them so it better serves the community. Dana Grubb is a man that I trust and I know will make a great mayor through his life long love for Bethlehem and its community, and make it a better community through inclusiveness. I ask you to support Dana at election time as the next Mayor of Bethlehem.”


  • Tom Marshall - Retired Director of Recycling 
    “Dana would make a fantastic Mayor due to his love of the city and vast integrity. During all of his years with the city he worked with virtually every office in the city. His knowledge of the inner workings of each department is outstanding. He is a fair and honest man who will put the city first above all things.”


  • Steve Melnick - Retired Director of Development in BEDCO.
     “In 1997 I became the Director of Development for BEDCO with offices in City Hall. In that capacity I had the I had the privilege of working closely with Dana, sometimes on a daily basis, on a number of redevelopment projects within the city. His work ethic has displayed his love for the City of Bethlehem. Dana’s integrity, honesty and dedication will make him a true Mayor for all citizens in our community. He will serve all with pride and dedication.”


  • Larry Mika - Retired Section Engineer 
    “I had the privilege to work with Dana for almost 30 years. He was always a very pleasant person to work with and was a fantastic supervisor, fair to all. Dana always had the time to listen to any concerns of other people never saying no. I strongly recommend Dana Grubb for the position of Mayor. The citizens of Bethlehem could not ask for a more honest person.”


  • Mary Jo Reed - Retired Purchasing Director 
    " I had the privilege of working with Dana at the City of Bethlehem. He didn’t shy away from work or problems. He solved those problems with accuracy and integrity. Dana cares about the City, he will be an exceptional Mayor. I know that Dana is dependable and his word is his honor. I fully support him.”


  • Dennis Reichard - Retired City of Bethlehem Business Administrator
    " I strongly believe in and strongly endorse Dana Grubb’s candidacy for Mayor of Bethlehem. Dana cares about the residents of this city. He will preserve our quality of life that we enjoy in this city. He will be a Mayor who is caring and will work hard for the residents. He is not a politician, will not take money from developers and will always have residents’ interests and concerns as his top priority. This is why I am strongly endorsing Dana as a candidate for Mayor.”


  • Joan Schrei - Retired Public Works Department Business Manager
    " I have known Dana since 1977 both as a friend and co-worker. I had numerous opportunities to work with him during my tenure with the City of Bethlehem. I always found him to be honest, fair, committed and focused on making Bethlehem a better place to live. I am happy to to endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of Bethlehem.”


  • Gordon Smith - Retired Director of Emergency Medical Services
    “Dana Grubb has the qualities and integrity to be the next Mayor of Bethlehem. He was one of my supervisors when he worked for the City. He was always honest and fair. His qualities will contribute to rebuilding the strength of the city’s workforce. He knows how city government should run. Dana will have the interests of the citizens and businesses of Bethlehem in mind as he leads the City into the future. He has the knowledge to be a progressive Mayor with regard to community and economic growth. I strongly support Dana Grubb for Mayor of Bethlehem.”


  • Greg Solderitch - Retired Bethlehem Police Department Captain 
    “I am proud to endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of Bethlehem. As a retired Police Captain I had many occasions to work with Dana on grant funding and known him for some 35 years  as both a city employee and a good friend. His work ethic is beyond reproach, as is his honesty and integrity. He will truly work for the betterment of the city and will be concerned with the quality of life issues for its citizens. He is a good listener and will weigh all sides carefully before making a decision. I know his heart and soul are in this city and he will will do his absolute best to make it a better place. Politics will not be a driving factor with Dana. I know his decisions will be for our city and the quality of life of its citizens.”


  • Ann Szmania - Retired Supervisor of Accounts Payable.
     “I’ve known Dana both personally and professionally for nearly fifty years. I have found him to be above all else a man of integrity, honesty and compassion when it comes to the City of Bethlehem and the citizens who live here. He is not afraid to do what is right for the City and its citizenry. He will explore all avenues before making decisions. I think he makes an excellent Mayoral candidate.”