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  • Jean Zweifel - Retired Human Resources Director
     “I am endorsing Dana Grubb for Mayor of Bethlehem because of his deep commitment to improving all aspects of City government.  His moral compass, honesty, integrity  and love of the City of Bethlehem and her residents is continually displayed by his actions each and every day.”


  • Christopher Spadoni -Esquire 
    “I’m not only for Dana Grubb, I think he is very knowledgeable about Bethlehem city government and would be a steady hand with taxes and the provision of municipal services.” 


  • William Fitzpatrick - Block Watch captain 
     “I have known and worked with Dana Grubb for more than 20 years, For the entirety of that time, Dana has consistently shown the strongest work ethic and an even stronger integrity of purpose. He is a tireless worker who loves the City of Bethlehem and its residents. In that regard, Dana seeks out the opinions and issues of others. Apart from his professional career, he is a proud resident of Bethlehem - a good neighbor to everyone. Dana is readily available to those who wish to speak with him. More importantly, he takes a strong role in solving problems and issues, those which concern the everyday citizen of Bethlehem. Dana maintains close contact with the ongoing operations of government and with the many citizen groups that are active throughout the city. One of my own areas of involvement has been with the Block Watch groups in the city. Dana has been supportive of Block Watches and does his best to attend the different group meetings. In the cases when he cannot be present, he is still available to learn the concerns expressed. I have had the opportunity to witness his management skills in dealing the many issues and groups with which he is concerned. He is a worthy advocate who does not equivocate in his support for or opposition to any issue. I firmly believe that Dana Grubb has the necessary skills to become the next Mayor of the City of Bethlehem, and that he merits your consideration.


  • Jim Smith - retired Streets Superintendent and past President of SEIU (Service Employees International Union).
    “I know and worked with Dana for many years. We both have worked under several Mayor's and I can assure all citizens that your best interest is Dana's main goal. He is and has been an asset to the city and worked unselfishly for the betterment of the community. He and his cabinet will work for all the people. The right vote for Mayor is Dana Grubb. 


  • Mark Wood - former City of Bethlehem Waste Water Treatment Plant Superintendent.
     "I have known Dana Grubb for many years. We played softball together, we bowled together, and we also worked for the City of Bethlehem together. In all of my dealings with Dana, I always came away from those dealings feeling inspired and invigorated. He is one person, that I can confidently say, will give you an honest conversation and if you ask his opinion, an honest answer. I have never met a person with more integrity or more trustworthiness in my entire life. Dana Grubb Is one individual who actually lives and breathes the City of Bethlehem. If Dana says he will do something in a campaign speech or makes promises during his campaign, you can rest assured that he will do what he said and keep the promises that he made. I am endorsing him for Mayor."


  • David A. Saltzer - Retired City of Bethlehem Firefighter 2002-2017 and President Emeritus Bethlehem Firefighters I.A.F.F. Local 735.
    "I met Dana as a young firefighter and immediately knew I could learn a lot from him and knew that his heart and soul were in the City of Bethlehem. As I moved up with the union eventually becoming Secretary and then President, I had many interactions with Dana at City Council Meetings, Budget Hearings, Safety Committee Meetings and so on. Dana was at every meeting and always spoke on behalf of what was best for the residents, visitors, and employees of the City of Bethlehem. I could always reach out to Dana for advice and opinions and was always given a straight answer. Dana made sure to attend almost every event that the Firefighters held within the community, whether as an invited guest, patron or covering for the local paper. After I was injured in a fire and my career ended, he stayed in touch frequently reaching out to see how I was doing with rehab and checking in on me. This is a true leader who employees will follow and who will restore the morale of the city’s workforce. Dana will work hard to make this city great and move us forward while keeping the city’s history intact. He has no political agenda, only what is best for everyone. He is what is best for Bethlehem and I can honestly say there is no one else better for this job. I am proud to endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of Bethlehem.

    Anna Marie Eckert - former administrative assistant for the Parks & Recreation Department. 
    “I have known Dana for many years and consider him a friend. I am pleased to endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of  Bethlehem. Dana is city smart, he has a deep commitment to the city and will lead with honesty and integrity.  He has the dedication to create a better city for his fellow Bethlehem residents.”