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I am asking you, the voters, to ‘Believe in a Better Bethlehem’ and support my candidacy for Mayor because experience and leadership matters .  

 INTRO:   I served Bethlehem residents, working for the City for 27 years, first as sealer of weights and measures, then as a housing rehab finance specialist, next as the City’s grants administrator, then as the acting director of community and economic development, and finally as deputy director of community development. I worked with city staff across all departments in city hall, and with many citizens and groups within the Bethlehem community as well as officials on the federal, state and county levels. 

Since my city career I am sole proprietor of a small business that provides photographic services to local realtors, have been a photojournalist for the Bethlehem Press newspaper since 2005, and been house photographer for the Wind Creek Event Center and for its predecessor, the Sands Event Center since it opened in 2012. In addition, I serve as the secretary-treasurer for the local affordable housing nonprofit, Housing Opportunity Movement, Inc. 


My broad background and extensive experience in both Bethlehem city government and the private sector have prepared me for the next step, and I am announcing my candidacy today to run for Mayor of Bethlehem in the 2021 primary election. I am running as a lifetime registered Democrat.


It is time for a Mayor who is not a political insider, someone who will be independent of political expediency, and who will seek only to serve Bethlehem residents and improve the quality of life throughout the community. It is nobody’s ‘turn’ to be Mayor, after holding other elected offices. Bethlehem needs someone who will apply common sense and logic to governance, and not default to political favoritism based on campaign contributions or other influential factors.


Bethlehem is a resilient city. Like many residents I have witnessed its transition from an industrial center to a more cultural and service-based community, and I believe its future can be a bright one, but only if we work together to make its present a better one. Our history is what makes Bethlehem unique, and distinguishes it among others. We need to build on that history to secure and grow our future.


I also believe in personal accountability, service to community, and leaving the world in a better place. We’re all held accountable for the mistakes we’ve made. We should learn from them, and then move on to remain active and contributing members of society.